Encoder Repair, Resolver Repair & Tacho Sensor Repair



We repair all major brands of incremental and absolute encoders, resolvers, linear scales and tacho generators. Kamrantech has long history of quality assured industry service with unbeatable pricing and Evaluations and Repair Quotes are always free!

Damaged encoders are common in machining operations and manufacturing plants where servo motion technology is used. Kamrantech Encoder Repairs usually cost a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new one. Before you throw a bad encoder, resolver or tacho unit away,, why not let our experienced repair technicians provide an opportunity to repair your damaged encoder.

Technicians at Kamrantech provide quality, cost effective and time critical repairs to servo feedback devices like encoder repairs, resolver repairs and tacho sensor repairs. These repairs may mechanical, electronic or electrical in nature and we assure you of our efficiency, reliability and professionalism in the feedback devices repairs. So for your next encoder repair, give the experts at Kamrantech a chance to serve your servo feedback repair needs! Our factory-trained repair specialists provide our customers with quality, fast and cost-effective repair solutions.

With us you never have to wonder where your device is at in the repair process. Under standard turnaround circumstances, your unit is tested, disassembled and thoroughly evaluated within 3 days of our receipt. A knowledgeable professional will call or fax an exact repair price and you will receive your fully tested, completed repair within 5 to 10 days of your authorization. A DETAILED service report is included with each repair. Oracle Encoder Service prides itself in providing you with FULL support whether you are an electronic service firm, a motor repair facility, an encoder manufacturer, a large manufacturing firm, a parts supplier, or a small job shop.

Please Call 0562716629 for more information on why companies around the world choose Kamrantech for the repair for their encoders.

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