AC Drive Repair

A C Drive Repair, VFD Repair and Inverter Drive Repair


When choosing a repair facility for AC drive repair, manufacturers should always consider a repair facility with an extensive, reputable background in customer service. Most vendors in the industrial manufacturing world will sell a repair or a drive but do not offer technical support. For quality AC drive repairs, VFD Repairs & AC Inverter Drive Repairs at a competitive price, Kamrantech is your Complete AC Drive Support Specialists. Our factory-trained technicians provide superior quality drive repairs with quicker turn-around than the OEM. Our repair team will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of your AC drive and advise you of your repair options.

If you do not see the manufacturer of your AC Drive/VFD/Inverter Drive in our LIST OF OEM MANUFACTURERS, don't get upset. We can most likely repair your drive. Kmarantech is your best source for AC  drive repair and  best testing equipment for AC variable frequency drive repair. Kamrantech repair services include a 1 year warranty from installation date.

Kamrantech has been providing the most comprehensive, AC Drive Repair, VFD Repair, Inverter Drive Repair, AC Motor Drive Repair services in Industrial Automation field for last many years and is managed and operated by well experienced qualified engineers in the industry. Our technicians are capable of rapid fault finding or cause of failure of your VFD, AC Drive, and Inverter Drive & Variable Speed Drive and will promptly advise you of your repair options.

We usually complete a repair within 5 business days. Non availability of parts generally delays the drive repair process. We repair all VFDs and AC Drive Control Repairs to component level and do not outsource our work to other electronic repair firms.

Call us at 0562716629 to talk to one of our electronic repair customer service reps for help


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